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Friday, October 2, 2009

Heads Up Display Contest! Free stuff for 1st Prize!

Well, we're in that phase people!

Since Hypertension allows for an almost infinite amount of HUD selections (with only 3 selectable in-game: classic Blood, Hypertension, and another), we're opening a contest to the public. That's right - your design can show up in this awesome game, and we'll even put the HUD as the default in the game's logic upon startup!

Whoever can come up with the coolest and most innovative HUD design will receive a free, working Sega Genesis (model 2 only) or a Sega Game Gear*! That's right, one of the most awesome game consoles of all time (with a free game** and controller, with cords!), and an exclusive sneak-peek trailer of Hypertension! A breakthrough gaming console for its generation, for a few hours of awesomeness! Interested yet?

The rules? Here ya go:

1) Your submission must be original. Inspirational designs are fine.
2) You MUST include a mock-up of the HUD submitted. We have a screenshot here that you can use as a template. You can either use modern designs, or blast us into the past with a 90's inspired HUD (think Hexen, Blood, Duke3d, etc). Nothing too simplistic looking, though. Creativity is a huge plus here.
3) You MUST describe your HUD in absolute detail, so we can program it in as closely as possible. Please, no submissions like, "Here's my HUD. Have fun." How are we supposed to work with that? ;)
4) We use LUA to program our HUD. For a simple manual on how LUA ties into the Doom engine's game logic (if you want), visit this link.
5) All submissions will be heavily reviewed. There might be a few cases where we'll get a really awesome HUD, but it's so complex that we can't program it. Aw, shucks!
6) You can also increase your chances of winning by submitting HUD effects, such as rain hitting the player, or the player getting shot or axed in the face. We can also animate static HUD effects.
7) All submissions must be true alpha transparent PNG images only. You can use JPG to submit but the actual graphics will have to already be transparent PNG, tested. We do not limit scale since we can do that in the game engine. Please, nothing muddy looking.

8) This contest will only be available to residents in North America. We cannot prize submitters from overseas, although if you think your HUD can make it in the game, we'll include it in (with appropriate credits)!

The consoles are NTSC, not PAL.

*The Sega Game Gear will not come with a power cord, the battery unit cover, or a game. Just the stock unit.
*The Sega Genesis will come with one game, one controller, and power/TV cords. Sorry, we only have the old-school screw-in RF unit, but I think TV's still come with this.
**Both Sega gaming units are used, and might look worn (nothing too horrible), but otherwise work fine. Come on, early 90's gaming never tried to look pretty like the new stuff. ^^
**The Game selection: Sonic the Hedgehog, Batman Forever, Sonic 3 (!), Alien 3, or Mortal Kombat. Sorry for the lack of selection but one is better than none! Whichever game you choose will come with a small cheat sheet (mAyBe thAt blood Code will come in hAndy, Because Blood rules! ;)

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