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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Harmony of Darkness - New Screen

He's back, in FULL 3D and hungrier than ever! How will you "feed" him? 

Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness is coming for PC and Sega Dreamcast Q4 2014!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Sorry for the lack of updates! More GOALS hit so far and more donations have been acquired! From January, we have Valentin Jahns (20), Johann Harding (5), Emre Uysal (10), and Poker Money Clips (30). To start February off, we have Carlos Oliveros with 10. This is simply AMAZING that we are being supported in our efforts to deliver quality! You all ROCK! 

We have already blasted off to our freelancers to get the ball rolling! We want to thank our awesome fans for your hard work - it isn't going unnoticed and its already paying off!

We have so many things to show off now, new announcements, and a host of updates, so keep your eyes peeled! The February Projection Goal will be posted in the next week as we move forward! Thanks to all of us here at Isotope and TDGMods for supporting us into 2014!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

January GOAL update! $20 in, $20 left!


We want to give a personal thanks to Björn Tasto from Germany for donating $20 of our projected $40 for the month of January! This is extremely generous of him and with less than a day between posting and half of our goal complete, tells of great things to come!
Join us in thanking Björn Tasto again for his selfless contribution to our games! We appreciate it!

We are now half of our projected January goal - help us reach the other side so we can get our artist pumped with what he needs! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Donation System is Live: Please Read

Hi everyone,

In the last message, I proposed a donations system to help keep us funded so we can continue/finish Scourge and Hypertension, in hopes that we don't further delay the game (possibly forever). In our third year already, we have absolutely no budget left and officially, we're in panic mode.

This is where you, the fans, can help us the most. Developing a budget game isn't easy, and developing it with nearly no budget at the stage we're at now is killing us. Months of potential work gone down the drain as we try to gather funds for ourselves, but we can't do it anymore. Not alone. You guys have the chance to help us by donating! This way, we can pay for the services we need to get our games finished and out the door!

Every month, we will make a new blog post with a projected goal for a service we require. This will change each month or so to reflect what we need at the time (to show you exactly where your money is going). We will have a system that shows how much we're down/up before the feature we need is completed. This will also tell you what game we're at, and how many features we have left before development is sustained. We will also keep a record of who donated to include you in the closing credits.

You might find this system weird since there's things like Kickstarter, but as you all know, we have a publisher and we cannot use a third-party like that. Not only will we appreciate the help, I know our publisher will too!


We need to raise $40 this month, to start an independent artist in getting the environments and layout completed for SCOURGE, specifically, so our 3D team can get the designs for various architecture complete and consistent. In the following months up until we no longer need him, we'll add this amount to whatever amount for the feature we need next. So, consistently, we need $40/month to pay this guy until we no longer need his talents. We're not that far off, we project maybe 3 or so months before we can cut him loose.

Please, any amount will help us out and rest assured, you will all see progress, mostly by keeping up at our Facebook page. I will continue to support this blog for our Donation Development system.

Thanks for your continued support!
-Corbin A.
Project Manager, SCOURGE
Isotope Studios

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Co-Founder: Personal Reflections, and how you can help get involved

As SCOURGE development continues full-force, we would like to take this opportunity to explain how exactly this comes to be and how you can truly help us make this dream a reality.

We are, undoubtedly, an independent development group. We started out like everyone else - at a small computer with big ideas. Years of hard work have paid off as we finally see the game progress in big ways.

But, the years of youth and carelessness are well behind us, as many of us are experiencing different things - college life, adulthood, newborn babies, gender outings, new careers, among much more. Just as the point of development reaches the fun part, these things collectively called "Life" come to drag us away. No longer are we able to slave away all day, every day, on these awesome projects.

Not to say we don't care about them, but these life events are positively dragging development behind. A small team of ~5 is not enough for a large-scale production without significant delays, which we have experienced since this project started. The id Tech 2 engine was more than we could chew at the time, which we're finally starting to grasp and handle, but there's only so many of us and we can't allocate one person to do the work of 6. Developers cannot do it.

The reason why we are putting out all of these help wanted ads is because we can't afford for production to slump. Times changes, games change, the scene changes. People change, publishers change, and we can't allow Scourge to fall behind. Using outdated tech is not what I mean, specifically, by "falling behind", because graphics in a videogame do NOT, by any means, make it enjoyable (though sometimes, it does help). Scourge is falling behind in the people who believed in it, in us, and sometimes, ourselves as well.

That's why we are asking for everyone to kindly put our ads out - STEAM groups, social networking, developer networking, forums, anything! The more manpower we can get behind this project the better. There are tons and tons of resources that we just don't have available to us because we don't have time to hunt for the people we need. We need the help of our fans and followers because our Dream is being threatened!

Level Designers and Coordinators are a HUGE deal for us. We need these people that can bring a little push to our group and help us get SCOURGE completed in a timely manner! Hypertension was nearly finished after 3 years of hard work - Scourge is nowhere near at that level and has never been. Part of it is, perhaps, to blame on the 3D technology we decided to choose and our inexperience working with it. The other part might have been to take on a project of ambition and complete indifference. The drive to do something that nobody has really done before has always been a special part of this project. There are so many young and ambitous people who open these editors for newer games like Half-Life 2 and Call of Duty - if they only knew that these editors are mostly backwards-compatible, and that they have a chance to work on a truly remarkable commercial project, right from the starting gate!

If that sounds like YOU, or anyone YOU might know, please have them contact us! Developing a game isn't as dreamy as some people might believe, especially when deadlines threaten the existence of said project. All it takes is a few weeks of catching up and you could be helping along a great production, a great team, and the community of fans and followers! Help make this fun for us again, help us regain our passion to continue to entertain all of you out there!

Shortly, we will be opening up a Donations system to keep us funded. Since our initial budget is gone and years of dragging have left the game in a less than desirable state, many would-be Champions of Design have opted out because we don't have the money to pay them! Long gone are the days where a whole paycheck of mine would go towards something you love and adore. We believe in Scourge and we know you guys do too. But we need this help to speed things up. Funds would go completely, 100% towards developer costs.

So help us out and please spread the word - any inquiries can be sent to our Facebook page, or my personal email. If you are also interested in our other project, Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness (also for Sega Dreamcast), feel free to send us inquiries as well! We are always looking for help on that project, too.

Thanks once again for believing in us, in our endeavors, and in SCOURGE. The game is looking and feeling fantastic and only YOU can help us achieve perfection!

Thank you all for hearing my words, its the people like you that make this job of ours so much fun!

Stay fresh,

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Now OutSourcing: Texture Artist

That's right! We're now looking to outsource some level textures for SCOURGE, and if you think you have what it takes, then read on!

Outsourcing works differently than being on our team, and as such benefits/etc. are completely different. You also have an option of joining our establishment, which also, works completely different. We will provide the details upon request.

On that note, the textures we're looking for do not have to be overly complicated, nor do they need to be in high-resolution. A maximum resolution of 256x256 is just fine, and we can downscale/tile as needed. We're looking for realistic/grungy/dirty textures, think of something like Silent Hill 2. All of the textures will be applied to our level design in realtime, and we don't bake lighting in textures because we use a lightmapping method for the game levels. Things like floors, walls, grates, environments, skies, liquids, and everything in between.

This is urgent, as noted on our Facebook, because texture design takes too long and we don't have a dedicated artist for this kind of thing. Without one, Scourge will be delayed for an extremely long time, and this is the truth. If this is something we could just do ourselves, we would, but we don't have enough time to focus on it in particular.

We welcome any and all submissions - either head to our Facebook and drop us a line, or email us at:

We appreciate your help! If you are a part of any graphic design community or similar, post us up and share the news - every little bit goes a long way.

Thanks again everyone!

*EDIT: changed the email - it should have been .NET and not .COM

Friday, November 23, 2012

Where's the pot of soup?

Not here it seems. New screenshots of SCOURGE, also shown on our FB page, thought I would share them here as well. 

And, you know what they say about walking Alone in the Dark!! ;)

Enjoy the new media, and remember to keep up with our development at our Facebook page!
On a side note, the official EDGE forums have closed for now, so if you need any support or help with your EDGE endeavors, be sure to visit our EDGE section on our forums! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Complicating Simplicity

Just thought I'd show these here! We uploaded two new images of Scourge on the Facebook page, and it's easy to forget about our site here! This is all in-game rendered stuff, and excuse the "high-resolution", if you catch my drift (if you do, kudos!) Just a reminder that we're not using our EDGE engine, and in fact, using an engine that shares the basic components that Raven's Dreamcast game "Soldier of Fortune" did! If that's not awesome, then, well you must not be cool or something. ;) I jest!

We're working at a steady pace as always, and we'll be up for showing more stuff when we can. I know we don't talk as much about Scourge as we did with Hypertension, but I think our progress speaks for itself. And, uh, despite these screenshots, it's not a dedicated first-person shooter. FYI, you know, just in case someone wanted to know. Oh, excuse the debug output, but I think it adds charm where it needs it the most; again, if you understand that sort of thing.

That's what happens when experience meets change; change meets progress, and progress meets determination. Determination, therefore, can be anything at all, and I'm not talking in past, nor present, tense here. I cannot predict the future, but I can speculate; when I say that it's an exciting time for us now... it's going to be even more exciting in the future. We can't thank our fans and followers enough; from all of our different backgrounds, titles, projects - it's what makes us the experienced and strong-willed team we are today. No need to pass the seasoning - we have plenty of it here.

Just for comparison's sake (and a token to our fans), here's the first internal unreleased screenshot of Scourge, back when we WERE using our 3DGE engine and bits of Hyper data (nearly year-to-date here!). 

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. --Henry Ford

PS: We're still looking for help in the following fields - a level designer, a C coder, and a texture artist. If you're a level designer, we use such tools as the Radiant family (Quake-based), Qoole, or Quark. If you're a texture artist, check out the WAL and TGA formats beforehand. Interested? Hit us up.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

C Programmer Wanted!

Just a heads up everyone! We're on the lookout for at least one more C programmer; this is to get our game-side code moved forward in a timely manner. If you are interested but scrunched for time, you'll be happy to note that we're incredibly flexible with crew schedules, so shoot us a message anyway!

If there are any interested parties, please send us a message here on Facebook...if you don't have an account, you can head to our forum board ( and let us know there. We really appreciate all of the help and support!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Helloo out there!!

How's everyone doing? I hope well, it's been awhile since we've had some real news. Well, public news at least!
Just wanted to thank everyone again for supporting us and our endevours so far! Scourge is coming along great and I couldn't be happier with the team and with the game itself. I can see that there is a lot of excitement and speculation surrounding the title...which always makes things more interesting!

Our game is coming together and we have some of the best guys around right now, keep checking back often as we continue to grind away at Scourge. Assets are looking cool and everyone is working very hard together right now. That's the most important part is communication.

When managing a team, it becomes a different story. With Hypertension, it was me and one other (Fiend), and we had a great dynamic together. We flowed off of each others creative energy and truly came up with some amazing and innovative stuff. When you move away from that to a grand-scale project with a dozen others, some things tend to get in the way. Delegation and management become important, and the game design becomes tighter (because it has to). Something I'm learning. Hyper came together as we moved along. Scourge took almost a full year before we started blazing into development; in contrast, Hyper took off a few months after I put together a few builds and videos in 2008.

It would be absolutely impossible for me to say the same about Scourge. While working with one other person (or myself, as I did 10 months before I had a colleague) can be fun and dynamic, working with a bunch can be hectic. You find that you need seperate people to manage different parts of the project, something that sort of hit me hard recently. But it's all a learning experience, especially on a game that's on a COMPLETELY different scale than Hyper was. It's feeling more legit as the days go by, and that's not a bad thing. :)

BTW, I wanted to say that I haven't given up on Hyper3DGE yet (our DOOM engine): there's a few mods in the works for the engine that I'm excited to see soon, so I'll keep you guys updated on those as well. You can find the latest on our forums for those projects, MAJOR KUDOS to those guys for keeping DOOM, and most importantly, EDGE, alive!! Rock on! \m/

Anyways, just a little rant. Wanted to show my thanks to DCEmulation, you guys have always been good to me and my team, so keep on keepn' on! Awesome things are coming soon! If you guys haven't already, take a look at our Facebook page and "Like" us! You can see exclusive screenshots and promo stuff that we don't show anywhere else! Be sure to register on our forums!