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Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 2016 Minor Progress Update

Hi all, so we have been a bit silent lately on what we are up to, but
as for myself, I have been busy playtesting SLaVE and getting the kinks
worked out with Chilly -- it's nearly done guys! The game just "screams"
Dreamcast now! On top of that, we can verify that we have really cool
additions, like rumble-pack support!

As soon as I get a-hold of a decent camera, I'll have one of my team members
from Hypertension head over so we can record a live, in-game, on-hardware
presentation of SLaVE!

As for Hypertension, there is a giant announcement and even more amazing
material that we have to offer, just give us another month before we make
that update -- but I promise you all, we will not disappoint our hardcore
fans! The game is FAR from dead -- we have a very talented and dedicated
team that continues to believe in it, and I can't wait to show you all the
fruits of our labor! tl;dr: it's gonna knock your socks off!

Just remember, we aren't getting paid for any of our projects aside from
donations -- this gives us the advantage of taking as much time as we need
fine-tuning and polishing what matters most. Trust us when we say that we
will deliver -- just hang in there!

You are all invited to register at our forum boards to talk about the latest,
greatest, and even get a sneak-peek at what we are up to!

Thank you all for your wonderful support!


Florian Wallin said...

I cant wait 😘 it will be awsome ! (Already preordered) then ill hope you all focus on hypertension !

Anthony817 said...

Keep up all the great work everybody! Can't wait for that update comgin for Hypertension!