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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Forums have Relaunched!

Rejoice fans!

The TDGMods forums have finally hit a redesign, a good one at that. The thing has been around since before 2005 and it needed an overhaul. So we (almost) started fresh, and it's now open!

The forums will be the new place to discuss Hypertension, and will be aimed towards new Blood fans. I will remove the commenting system from this blog and in it's place will be a mirrored post in the forums where you can all participate. It'll be an easier way to keep all of the subsites organized.

So whether you want to discuss Hypertension, poke at us for a beta release, or talk about how annoying the mimes are in BLOOD, it's all there.

Please enjoy the new, redesigned forums! See you all there!


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