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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lilly recovering from Parvovirus! =)

Well the reason I had to miss our meeting on Tuesday and haven't been online is because my dog Lilly had Parvo. I spent hundreds of dollars on her two days ago at the really looked like she was going to die...vomiting constantly, really lethargic, not eating... But I persevered and I've been up since the 22nd, and she's doing better!

She's eating, way more playful, chases the cats again, it's a freaking miracle. I was so worried and upset, and it was detracting me completely from Hypertension. If she died I was going to flip. If you don't know, Lilly is the sister to Sheik, who passed away last year. This is good news, because I've had Sheik and Puma bite the dust since this project began and I was beginning to worry it was a bad omen of sorts for me.

Here's hoping Lilly fully recovers!

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