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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little updates

Alright, so things are going...sorta okay fine. The meeting didn't go well unfortunately, just bad timing. We did get some members up to speed with the SVN stuff so that's good, hopefully the next one won't be so confusing.

In other news, Apple Macintosh binaries were released for EDGE not too long ago - this means an eventual Mac port of Hyper3dge. Eventual... because we are still working on all of them right now.

Really tired, here's a kinda-new-not-really shot of lighting effects that Joppu was able to pull off that we integrated into a level. We're really planning on expanding this tenfold, but for now at least you can see that this adds a bit of depth. If you can notice.

The real good looking stuff is still in quarantine until we decide it'll roll your heads. =)

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