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Saturday, May 9, 2009


a teaser is released to public, you sit back and watch it unfold on your screen, unreal to how far it's come. Most of you remember when the project was first started, back in August, and how different and little I really knew. This project has grown so much bigger and I have wonderful team members to thank for that. After all the bullshit that we've received, we're still here to talk about it and finally released something! It was a trip down memory lane as I see how many things have changed, mostly in the phsyical pictures of the game.

With having said that, I've been really tweaking things. I removed a shitload of Doom content from the current alpha and it now runs without an official DOOM IWAD, so you won't need any copy of Doom to play it thankfully. Unfortunately it was the real last break away from DOOM and it broke a lot of things with the game, almost rendering it currently unplayable. Using FreeDoom as a base I hope to slowly start recoding everything to match DOOM's old code definitions. This will allow people to mod Hypertension and mess around with it once we release it. I've taken some advise and futhermore seperated it from Zblood by removing E1M1 and beginning work on a brand-new version. Pineapple's computer crashed a few weeks ago (by the way Congrats dude with the baby!) - on Teusday he'll have it fixed and once again seriously rejoining the team as a level designer.

More importantly, I called a little meeting with me and Alex to sit down and seriously refine gameplay, storyline, characters, budget costs, and promotional stuff. This might take some time and the results will vary, whether or not it affects current development is still unknown. We could end up changing a lot, or nothing at all. Alex got involved not too long ago but a lot of his treatement was written, but not accounted for, in the latest alpha version or gameplay video. Using his talent as a designer, we're going to tackle the game together and knock some screws loose (or tighten them, I can't decide which).

As always, keep checking back, don't forget to check our forums, don't forget to watch the teaser, and don't forget to drink your milk. ^^

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