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Sunday, May 10, 2009

"You know, it adds a sense of order and stability to my life to see that you're still a pompous ass."

<- Just the few users on PM who didn't like the trailer. Notice I said "few". The alpha teaser has defied my expectations. Everyone loved it. Some even commented that the game took on a scarier feel than Blood did. Some felt the action was fast and furious, and complimented the original game. Some said that we added in a different kind of atmosphere that was lacking in Blood. I've even had people say that it could be the bridge that Blood's been looking for. I've also gotten a literal flood of emails from all sorts of communities.

We've gotten all sorts of comments. One in particular was from Nick, who is also working on his own game. What he told me will stick in my head for awhile to come - "the lighting and 3d models etc. work surprisingly well within the environment otherwise populated by gfx from a previous generation haha."

Now, let's take this quote and dissect it. First of all, one of the main common complaints, that was outspoken early in development was that our game horribly mismatched the 3d models and lighting. Using lighting balance, that I said I would from day one, we have overcome that obstacle. Second, those same models from TfN worked well in the environment even though it had much Blood content surrounding it. I blame that good fortune on our texture usage, as selecting the right backdrops can make or break a scene.

I've also received an email telling me "Hypertension was surrounded by an uncertain cloud of negativity. I took [time] and watched the trailer, and it didn't disappoint. Perhaps you found good use for the Transfusion stuff and make the single-player that they could never do". I took that as a huge compliment and it really goes to show the impact Transfusion had on the community. I don't like comparing the two but it's nice to know that people still remember that game and it serves as a nice boost of popularity for the both of us.

Next was a particular quote from a Dreamcast goer, "I Will Donate to this cause. I always wanted to play Blood on my DC and this game looks sick..." There was a lot more to that but I felt that was the biggest point of the email. It seems that those who thought we weren't raising awareness were wrong.

This site has almost hit 10,000 views in the short time it's been around, and we get around 60 visits and more than 170 page views daily. This week alone we've gotten 1,028 page views from the teaser alone. So we really thank the people who stand by us and help us make a better game than we could've ever hoped!

Just as so, Alex and myself are going to sit down soon. More than likely the entire design of the game will change, and that goes for characters and other stuff. Don't worry, he won't design some ripoff character of Caleb who sports an obnoxious mustache and down-syndrome face texturing.

We also got an inquiry for another musician, this time specializing in rock stay tuned and thank you for being the badasses you all are! When the final trailer hits, take the teaser and erase it from your mind. It'll be sure to knock a few heads wide open.

With Love.


boomst1k said...

holy fuckin shit!! i just saw that trailer this is going to be so dope. well worth the wait holy crap i love the lighting and weapons your spray can looks better than bloods! but blue blud? lol

zZaRDoZz said...

Sure enough, alpha trailer2 was a promise of more to come that we can all look forward to. Still I would be remiss if I didn't point out that alpha trailor1 (unreleased)was clearly the superior trailer. The way it showcased Hypertension's dynamic lighting effects, the greater emphasis on sound quality, and who would deny the AI was on display in a way that alpha trailer2 couldn't match? Hopefully alpha trailer3 will put an end to this controversy and reunite the Hypertension community.

Corbin said...

Haha, Zardoz, you make me laugh a lot. I like that because it's nice and healthy. =)

I took a look through teaser1 but there were reasons I didn't release it - Doom content, unfinished weapons that weren't in that build, upon other minor things. Teaser2 is also more represenative of the dynamic lighting than anything. ^^

Teaser3, which will be the first Trailer, will take a long time to reach, but it'll be worth it when it hits.

Anonymous said...

DOWNSYNDROME! snap bromosexual!

what are you talking about? I can assume it's about that other project?

Trailer looked great. Keep it up, and use a different screen recorder damnit! Anyone who makes fun of Doom can go shove it; this is what its all about.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive work !!
This promises to be fun ..

What's the awesome music at the beginning of the trailer ? May you publish it on your blog (PLEAAAASSSE) ?

boomst1k said...

lulz. post-mortem is full of furries and egotistical people.

stay farrr away from them

Corbin said...

Yeah I know that. I said, in my blog post, that I posted post...hahaha!

BTW just added Twitter to the page.