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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back by popular demand!

Greetings Bloodites!

Corbin's feeling little under the weather right now. Using powerful drugs, some fast talking and the help of a minor coup I've gained control here at the Hypertension blogger site. Pineapple and crew are already planning a counter attack so I have to move quickly.

I'd like to announce the public release of the alpha teaser footage ! I think you'll find it's highly atmospheric as it shows just how much work has gone into Hypertension's intense game play. And it's the gameplay is what matters most right? Hypertension is taking on some amazing attributes that I'm sure you'll appreciate. The combat is fierce, the enemies fast and numerous, and the fire... oh the fire! Any old pyros out their will feel that warm familiar cackle rising to your throats once more!

Enough of my droolings. It's time you saw for yourselves just what Hypertension is!

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