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Monday, May 18, 2009

source successfully,

Finally compiled. w00t. Game works on Dreamcast now (still broken). Still have to fix the sound code.

I'll post screenshots when I get a chance. Using FreeDoom as a base for the DC wad, since it's too much work gutting everything out all over again.

Teaser has gotten almost 1000 views...very good news there.

0.98 is coming along well, although we've ran into more problems than the previous version. As I said DOOM's content was taken out so a lot of graphics are missing based on stock stuff. I updated the code handlers for a lot of the weapons since I have to replace the DOOM code now, just have to do the same with the enemies. Finally fixed the broken spraycan, and Caleb can now pick up 2 types of spraycans. I'll keep quiet about the other one when it's actually working.

Got the bloated butcher in the game finally. Now I'm trying to find ways to reinnovate his character. I updated some of his effects (cleaver throwing, acid puking) but his death frames are not correctly working...grrr....

Noticed some people got the cultural reference (inside joke) of Saddler from RE4 in the walls of Caleb's crypt. Many, many, MANY more of those to come. About time =)

1 comment:

Tucker said...

Man, this will be the first console game I pick up in ten years!