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Monday, May 18, 2009


Just a reminder that we finally set the entire IRC channel up, all maintained and everything. Ride your happy ass over to our irc page and join in on our discussion. Or, we could be nice and link you directly to our page. Basically, we broke off of Quake-Net and are using our own server now. (Links have been updated, so if you're the one person who actually bookmarked that, you have some work to do!)

Backwards face-man demands you! Actually, don't take that demand. Doesn't that picture just look creepy? God damn. Who would do that? Wait... that mustache reminds me of... (lifts up a rock). XD

In other game-related news, David has finished up all of the Zombie torso death animations. It looks so legit it's not even funny. Zardoz saw them and almost fainted. Haha. Anyways I just started on a good chunk of code for that, and I'll allow weapon-specific damage and heigh-specific (if you aim any of the shotguns at his torso area, in accordance with the HEIGHT value, it'll blow him in half). Otherwise, bad aim will cause them to probably get up.

Also, Sega Nerds has also caught wind of Hypertension. Thanks for posting the news guys!


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