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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yep, another monster completed. Called the Venus Spawn (sprited by Neoworm, flame sprites by myself), it lays dormant until it senses your movement. Once startled it will send out vine demons to destroy the player. You must destroy not only the vines, but the Venus Spawn itself before they come out. Watch out - they are tricky, and are able to go back into the ground and wait until more kin show up. The best defense against this creature, whom of which prefers dark areas, is your spraycan (or Aurelia's fire spell), which will catch the vines, and hopefully trace back to the Spawn (15% chance of FLMEDETH). Or just toss your spraynade into the darkness and watch the fireworks! The best method by far is encircling yourself around with the gascan and letting loose a cigarette, which ensures no tentacles can get to you.

Now working on other monstertypes to get the Alpha rolled out the door. Happy 420 too btw, but it seems like I missed it by 3 fucking hours (want to guess how I lost track of time?). . . ;)


Anonymous said...

You're still using stolen Blood textures when this has absolutely nothing to do with Blood. Why don't you go work on your big money making unrelated sequel instead?

zZaRDoZz said...

If Atari says they can use them...

Corbin said...

Yep, I'm using all the stolen content I want. I <3STEALING!


boomst1k said...

havent been here in a quick minute. Things are looking amazing as usual specially the lights in the 2nd update. i want this game!!

realese the alpha now!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what does any of this have to do with Blood? You seem to just be using Blood to promote a planned sequel that's completely unrelated to Blood, and which you think people will actually pay for.

It seems highly unlikely that Atari gave you any kind of permission, especially to create a proposed commercial game that's based in any way on the original Blood.

Anna said...

They started working with the game before they even announced it.

Seriously, why are you preaching to people who don't give a shit?

zZaRDoZz said...

"It seems highly unlikely that Atari gave you any kind of permission, especially to create a proposed commercial game that's based in any way on the original Blood."


THHHHaaaaAAAaakyYYoooUuU MEEeeEEsTeRRrrrr

zZaRDoZz said...

Oh, Corbin, giving detailed advice on how player should defeat a monster spoils the learning experience and reward of having beaten said baddy. You might want to make your posted description of the creature a little more vague.

Good concept btw.

Corbin said...

Hahahaha I second both of your comments Zardoz! =) I just wish he'd stop wasting time commenting here and work on his Regurgitation game already.

I get excited when I code new monster types in! =) I'll try not to spoil it for you guys next time.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that people don't give a shit about anything, Anna. But just for fun, how about an update that proves Atarti gave permission to use game resources, or permission to create a planned commercial game based on Blood?

That subject is avoided and made fun of, and accepted by fools that are unable to use their brains.

zZaRDoZz said...

Now, now, Anna. There's plenty of things to give a shit about. For example: There's libel, calumny, bad faith, willful ignorance, fake e-mails, character defamation, and Ad hominem attacks, just to name a few. You're aware of these things as are most people and even if you can't name them, rest assured you've probably dealt with them all your life as we all have. They involve a lack of all those little unimportant ethical niceties that make life worth living you see. They're the kind of little things Anna that some of our moral superiors seem to have missed out on giving a shit about of late unfortunately.

Corbin said...

@Zardoz: That's a perfect reflection on his character.

Wow Kurt. I don't see any of your personal vendetta protests going on with any other Blood mod. As for our rooted rivalism, which you want to make so apparent: There is no competition: we're doing what's taking you years to pull off. I see that now and I understand why you get frustrated. Whether you like it or not, you are not going to stop us. Not with your fake letters or stupid acronyms. So keep talking and we'll keep spitting the same answers out until you're all blue in the face. And face it - more people are probably going to play HT than B2R.

Dude just accept it: I have a better team than you, and we're making a more appealing game than you are (as well as our game becoming available to way more people than yours, since nobody has a copy of Blood II anymore). All you're doing is choking up Blood II again and it probably plays just the same, with the horrid buggy movement code, extremely clipped physics system, limited LOD models, sickening camera system, dissipating models and textures, just to name a few. You are no hearty engine programmer and I probably know those flaws still exist in your version. Trust me - I've worked with Lithtech too. If your game plays anything like Blood II and it's attempting to duplicate the first game (like I've clearly seen in your trailers) God. That's probably the same as me going on a high-speed roller coaster while trying to write an essay on paper. How the hell are you going to do that? How awkward is that going to be? And if I wanted to play a game with KISS or NOLF content in it, I'd just rather play the originals. Your game is just a bubblegum-laden pile that's just way too tacky to be taken seriously. That's why you're mad.

So be careful what you say about us needing a license. You need to do a lot of searching around. If you're going to complain to me, go complain to the others that don't give a shit about your little kurtgasms. Oh wait -- you can't do that. People like them. You take the fact that people don't agree with my ideas and attack it like a stupid canine. But since they all have no problem with what others are doing, you'll sit there like a little angel. Pathetic.

Go ahead Kurtis, go complain to Postmortem and to your Yes Men, but you're doing this to yourself. You're such a hypocrite. Calling me stupid and laughing to everyone over there (How did Joe put it? Tee-hee?) because I defend my game, yet you don't have the courage or the heart to announce yourself here and pull the very same shit. You really need to find a backbone.

But if it makes you feel better to stay the cool kid, go vent your apparent problems and whiny bitching to Postmortem. You know, it'll get you more attention. Since that is what you want.

Meanwhile, we'll ALL be here, making this game and the next. At least I know you're going to play Hypertension when it comes out!

Anonymous said...

I raised a legitimate concern and you blabbered away with nonsense and never even addressed it.

Zardoz, you're talking about ethics on a site that steals, lies, and ridicules and insults people? They plan on eventually creating a commercial game based on intellectual property owned by Atari. Is this legal? I don't know, because all I see are a whole lot of ridiculous insulting comments.

I truly pity the lack of intelligence and foolishness of some people.

Darrin_McHall said...

I had no idea it was Kurt Fuhr who's been sabotaging your game from Mod Database. zZaRDOZz is certainly right in his observation. I was reading into this thinking that the Hypertension team were the problem, but I can tell it's the other way around.

Sounds like poor sportsmanship from Kurt more than anything. That's the last thing I expected from him.

I'm Darrin and I'll be happy to help you guys out with any Chumbalum-MS3D modeling, but I only carry my amateur card. You guys sound like a fun group of people. I've previously modeled for Half-Life many years ago, and I understand you work with the Quake2-format?

Corbin said...

Dude, Kurt, you know damn well there is no legitimacy to anything you pull over us. You're trying to cause problems. And what about your game using Blood textures? Oh wait, I think your response was that you have a program that checks for it. So do I! But, oh wait, let's ignore everything I have to say, like usual. And Kurt, I don't think you understand that you're insulting pretty much everyone over here looking to play this game. We have our Hasher program. Did you forget about that? You probably did, since you have a one way mind.

Yeah, Darrin, it's nice to meet you! We certainly need modellers and low-poly stuff is perfect! =) Well just give me an email on the front page and we'll go over things. Half-Life is perfect as it converts over to Quake 2 MD2 format like cake.

kurt said...

I had nothing whatsoever to with the removal of this project from moddb. I don't know the true reasons for its removal and I did in fact attempt to find out the truth. I was told that it was a private matter. I can provide proof, and I'd be interested in any proof that Corbin can provide.

It's quite sad that Corbin feels the need to insult me but where is the proof for any of the lies that this individual puts forward? I'm still waiting for an answer to my original concern regarding a commercial game as well, and I doubt that any actual evidence will ever be given.

It's all simply lies, insults and pathetic and desperate attempts to undermine my own work which Corbin originally admitted to being inspired by and then attempted to emulate.

Tyler said...

Ok, Kurt! I am not here to insult you! :) You want answers, here they are. So, our planned sequel may or may not make us "big money." You say Hypertension 2 well be unrelated to Blood. While in fact, Hypertension 1 is only "inspired" by Blood 1. Which means we look at ideas, twist them around and improve on them. Hypertension 2, is based on the characters created for Hypertension 1. Which again, is only inspired by Blood 1.

Corbin said...

Attempted to emulate by providing alleyways? Alleyways are emulating your game? Is a sewer system emulating your game? Wow. The whole world revolves around you all of a sudden, Kurtis?

Insulting? You weren't insulting me at Postmortem? Or were you? Even before my thread was banished, you were insulting me. It's only right that I do the same back. I'm actually starting to feel this emotion you call pity, Kurt.

In response to your questions, and let's be serious.

You asked for it. Get ready, once and for all. Please listen to me, alright? I don't want to repeat this again.

Hypertension 2 - from our website, it states that it's an original game involving original characters introduced in Hypertension. Original meaning Aurelia, Pineapple, and Elton. Actually, there's a page up at our site for it which you can find at our wiki site @ Blood-Wiki. Second, this allows us to sell the game. If we're using nothing but characters that we created for Hypertension for the second game, we can do what we want. That's for the second game, alright? We can do that.

The first game won't be sold. We don't have time to redraw everything. So we keep the hasher program. You can't run the game using the content without having it first. Does that make any sense to you?

Our removal from ModDB came from a legal letter which was faked from someone posing through a Gmail account. I have in fact already called Atari's legal department and I spoke to Kristen about it. They had no idea about the letter and indicated they had nothing on record about it. I forwarded them the letter and any information Scott retrieved from ModDB to track the person down who sent it. That's all I could pretty much do. That's why we are forced to make our own website, because even though the letter was faked, Scott specifically told me that they can't take any chance.

Now, Kurt, you figure if Atari had a problem with my title, wouldn't they have a problem with Source? Your game even? Or the countless other games using the content? It's just safe to say that Atari doesn't care about the IP anymore.

I hope this clears this up with you.

Thank you for using your name, by the way.

I Live...AGAIN said...

I dont believe I have seen a single demo, beta or alpha of Hypertension available for download anywhere so this resource stealing merry-go-round argument is silly.

Darrin_McHall said...

Mr. Fuhr,
If I'm going to be working with this team I don't want to see you around here anymore. I have seen all of the countless times Corbin has defended this project on several different websites and it certainly takes heart.

Why don't you go back and work on your game and let them work on their own? It's all about professionalism, and as much as you want to make Corbin out as the bad guy, you've said some pretty immature things around as well. Don't patronize him and expect him to be quiet about it.

As I said, professionalism goes a long way. Corbin is being plenty respectful and he's only saying these things because you have said them first. As a matter of fact, I believe it was you who threw the first rock.

So please, take your arguments elsewhere. You will only look like a fool around these parts.
Darrin McHall

kurt said...

Hypertension 2 will apparently be based on Hypertension, which in fact uses resources and intellectual property owned by Atari. You can have your checkers and whatnot, but if you think that the commercial game, which will be totally unrelated to Blood, will actually do well, then why use Blood at all in Hypertension 1?

It's obvious that you are simply riding on the coat tails of Atari owned material to promote yourself. No other Blood inspired mod out there is trying to profit financially on the reputation of these established games. It is your selfish and parasitic motives that I oppose. This mod is not done to enhance or improve anything in the Blood series. It simply feeds off of Blood in a totally destructive fashion and for your own personal and financial gain.

Yes indeed, Corbin is very respectful, honest and professional. Maybe Corbin would like to insult me and lie about me some more now?

Not to worry Darren. I've had enough of this sad and sorry site.

Corbin said...

Good God, glad that's over. . .