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Monday, April 20, 2009

As you can see things are coming along nicely. Just working on getting the damn levels done for the release. This one is a rendition of the Miskatonic Train Station level from the original Blood.

Now we're just getting the HUD operable, a few more weapons from Blood, a few new enemy types, some scripting, and we should be good to go. Every single time we scratch something off of the list to do, a thousand more pop up in my head. I don't want the alpha to be a quick, half-ass release...although that's why it's called an alpha, I suppose. I'm just trying to get everything down and in a presentable state right now. Doing a massive amount of small changes to get the Doom content removed out of the's just hell at the moment. We'll get it figured out. The site's coming along nicely as well. If you guys have seen it already, offer your opinions on it. Maybe find out what could be changed or something.

So here's hoping we can get a release out very soon. . .

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I Live...AGAIN said...

Looking good!