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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Water engine?

I'm going to attempt to create a new way of pulling off water effects in Hypertension by using multi-layered textures in one given "sector". The way I'm going to do this is create 3 or 4, very close 3d floors, and make each line transparent (make it all water), and so close together that you won't be able to tell. Then in each layer I'm going to program a custom ANIMS that has the water animating in and out, some of them fading, etc. I'm going to use a custom colormap in the sector and glow effects and...we should have some pretty kick ass, Unreal-style water. The only problem is that the engine is unable to do stretch effects, like Unreal does, so this will be a bit of a challenge. Lots of experimenting.

This, of course, is going to take a few days to do, but once I pull it off I'll publish a tutorial online for the level designers to fool around with.

Speaking of, Gael has finished the texture pack, containing almost 300 HDR and HD specific textures. The only problem is that they are not loaded in a WAD file, and the zip is almost 200MB compressed. I'm going to begin sending this pack to the level designers with specific instructions on how to use them and what program to use when designing with them. Either that or I'll have one of them take all of the textures and compress them into 256x256 and then load them in a WAD, because it's so much easier doing that. We'll have to see as time moves on.

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