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Monday, March 23, 2009

New site design!

Finally got around to changing the whole site around, blogger is really customizable. You know, since someone thought we took his idea of a blog layout, but in reality we had one before he ever did. Whatever, the guy is on his rag, it's better if I stay out of his whole crisis until he figures it out. For now I'll maintain what we call "professional silence", since that's what I attempted to do in the first place. I vouch for the rest of my entire team when I say that. I shouldn't have to sit there and defend myself like I'm back in high school or something.

Some people just want to start or pick fights. Me?

I like to end them. I hope this is the last word I hear about my project out of his mouth, any more then that means envy.

Anyways, so yeah, new site, a couple of new things to do on it, not much at the moment but we hope to expand that soon enough!

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