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Monday, March 30, 2009

Minor Character Changes

Based off of some feedback we've received, the actor who will be playing Caleb will be different. Instead, I will be acting in a minor role as one of Aurelia's friends (Elton, as seen in Aurelia's blog link). The image of the kid holding the gun with the striped shirt, I repeat, is no longer Caleb. We are doing recasting around this area for him and his outfit will change, but be more contemporary and not be so unrecognizable. This is more based on feedback of too "Drastic" of a change from the main character, which I've realized will make him unrecognizable. Don't want that, because he needs to look at least somewhat like Caleb, otherwise players will not identify with him. =)

Also, to the right is the first shot of Gideon as he appears in Hypertension (his white trench coat and everything). As you can see, he looks devilishly delighted to paint the town red. The actor who will be portraying him is Michael Hood, who is going through voice overs currently to get him sounding as much as Gideon's as possible. Since Mike himself is kinda crazy, I think Gideon's personality will be perfectly captured with his performance in the game.

I have installed a utility called Dropbox, which all TDG personnel will use to transfer files. If you don't catch me online, send me an email and we'll go through the steps to use it.

So progress is going well, I hope to show some more screenshots soon (the game will look far better than it has in any screenshot so far released).

Thanks to everyone who's supporting us in this "controversy", and I hope it to be over quickly. ;)

EDIT: I have enabled comments again. If they start getting flooded with spam and trolls, I'll kill it.


boomst1k said...

woot show those fucking hippies whats up, doom pulled through

gideon looks great it almost looks like hes ready to rip my heart out very evil looking!! nice job for some reason hes really dead spot on perfect choice. is he going to be digitized

keep up the gr8 work tdg mods -boomst1k

The Heretic said...

Thanks. I made sure to keep Gideon looking mostly how he did in the original game. He had a pretty cool outfit.

Yeah, he will also be digitized, but at a way, wayyy later time.