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Sunday, March 29, 2009


To sum up everything, I ended up taking a break from the game to re-evaluate things as far as progress was going. I took some time to enjoy myself and everything around me.

I took some time to talk with the team regarding the direction of this game, based on what the PM community's feedback stated. I really went in to review everything very carefully, and we held a discussion that lasted for awhile. We were thinking of what was said and what we could do to change things.

But...I decided, after reading a few comments, that they could go Fuck Off. Everyone in the Postmortem community that sat there and bashed the project can seriously go fuck themselves. With help of the Doom, Dreamcast, and even some members of PM/TF, they've made me realize that we're making a game, that we want to make, based off of amazing source material. If they can't see that, they can't see anything. Regardless of what we're doing with it, it's a project based off of Blood. We are continuing the universe in our own fashion, and if it spawns a community totally of itself, then so be it.

The team and I have a goal, it's clear and simple. Re-create Blood, just like Transfusion. Anyone who doesn't like it can go shove it. Seriously. We will finish this project, and Postmortem will not stand in the way. Not them, not anyone. With the help of Joe, I realized that the most hardcore Blood fans aren't even at Postmortem, and everyone there seriously worships a game. Worships, as in fucking crazy, asenine people. I was around as long as they were, tracking Blood through bulletin board services back in the day. But they can sit there and attack my team, attack me, or even attack the followers of our project, but it won't stop us.

So, faithful followers, keep it up, we'll have something amazing to show you soon!


Anonymous said...

It seems that the insane have taken over the asylum.

The Heretic said...

Calling me insane? Go screw yourself. Don't sit here and be a troll, otherwise I will delete your comments. I've kept them up to show people how amazingly fucking idiotic you guys are acting.

Maybe I won't, though. All of you PM people posting here means that you are following the project too. Mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, you people have no fucking clue, enjoy your amateur project of theft and disrespect. But oh no! Please don't delete our comments! What ever shall we do!

If you're going to make a game, at least do it well for fucks sake.

The Heretic said...

You have no idea how we're putting things together, so you really can't judge in that respect.

If you feel you need to post here, for whatever random reason it may be, then go for it. But don't troll. It'll just be a waste of your time.

Anonymous said...

And what makes you think i don't? it's pretty clear how things are being developed here. Seriously, you guys had the chance to make a decent addition to Blood, i don't get the direction you take, why you feel this is the best way to construct something, stripping it down, and turning it into something it's not.

Sorry, but it just isn't Blood anymore, you claim it is, but most of your followers here don't even deem it so either.

Anonymous said...

We've heard your plans and know your past, so we do have an idea of how things are being put together. You've totally ignored all advice that has been given to you, and feel that it's perfectly acceptable to steal resources from anywhere. You can't hide from the past or the truth.

Joppu said...

Inspired by Blood =/= Blood

We aren't claiming that it is Blood here.

Also the final version will be 100% original content

Anonymous said...

Based off blood, meaning an extension, meaning it's supposed to represent blood, and that does = blood.

I hope for your sake that there's no trace of blood's material in the final version. You guys should get in contact with the developers of this game:

Good luck!

The Heretic said...

I didn't ignore all advice: based on a certain comment, I'm now opting to make Caleb faceless, like in the original game, because that was a big part of his character. So I took little suggestions in, but I don't understand why you guys feel the need to bash the direction we're taking over anything else. I really did consider changing things until it escalated to the point of no return on Postmortem. That's why I didn't go back there.

@ latest Anonymous: Go fuck off dude. How do you think the Aliens TC for DOOM got so great? They didn't give a shit and it was a landmark.

What about the past? Who gives a fuck about the past? You? Do we care? Does anyone care nowadays, except for you and a few others I could name for days? Does anyone really give a shit? Nope. They don't. I got over the past. This is the truth: we're making our own version of Blood. Transfusion was their own version of Blood. So now that you clearly see that nobody around here really gives much of a shit anymore, you can resume to your roleplaying on your little forums. Later!

The Heretic said...

Also, want me to name the countless, modern addons for all the new games that are remaking, visualizing, based off of, inspired by, or otherwise ported? Would you go up to them and let them know the same thing, straight up in their faces, that they are stealing and all of that nonsense? You wouldn't. You just know you can attack us. But whatever. Any further comments about it will be removed. Sit there and say "Oh No" all you want. You'll just waste your time.

I Live...AGAIN said...

Typical postmortem behavior, send out the troll police if they don't get their way.
The little forum roleplay dressup gang has a boo boo awwww!
There are plenty of people who will support a good game and the mini flood of PM trolls wont stop anything.
The real Blood community(people who love the game but dont need to dress-up in a caleb costume) is laughing in the face of the mindless postmortem retards right now.

Good luck with the mod guys! Dont let 3 or 4 retards having a temper tantrum stop you.

Anonymous said...

I laugh in your face, for being so totally ignorant and brainless. You have no idea what you're even defending do you? All you want to do is insult some forum because you have some grievance against them. This has absolutely nothing to do with what's actually going on. So go examine all of the facts and the truth for yourself. The evidence is out there on the internet and it has nothing to do with PM.

Anonymous said...

Not recreating. Raping.

And if you feel you are worthy to recreate such a beautiful piece of art, you're gonna have to try a little harder.

Dimebog said...

"The team and I have a goal, it's clear and simple. Re-create Blood, just like Transfusion. Anyone who doesn't like it can go shove it. Seriously."

So, suddenly, we don't mention the teenagers, dogs and girl Caleb anymore? We also forgot that Transfusion has a documented permission to use BLOOD's resources?

Transfusion team gave up on the project because they realized that they cannot flawlessly recreate the game (which ultimately became unnecessary due to the fact that latest Dosbox runs BLOOD flawlessly on newer machines). What you are doing is not 'just like Transfusion'. What you are doing is making a mock, a joke - and calling it a serious effort. Oh, and some lying, deception and shitting on the BLOOD community on the side, as we can see from the latest blog entry. "100% original content" indeed...

I Live...AGAIN said...

"Transfusion team gave up on the project because they realized that they cannot flawlessly recreate the game "

Get your facts straight, Transfusion hasn't given up on anything.
The lack of a coding team and most of the team not having time because of real life has caused it to stall. I has absoultley nothing to do with them feeling like they cant recreate the game.

The Heretic said...

Just for clarification, once again, Fusion and Hypertension are two separate projects. Fusion still exists, but we stopped work on it. I should say me, because I was the only one working on that.

So people are free to search the web if they want.

Bob said...

Transfusion has hit wall, there's no way it'll ever have lift off again, Kazashi even hinted its downfall. Quit acting like its all fine and dandy.

Also, here's a heads up I Live...AGAIN, some of us are from Doomworld, surprise! so stop being a fuck and quite bashing the postmortem which you clearly have some sorta unhealthy hate obsession with.

Joppu said...

Yeah, Postmortem has really healthy obsession with Hypertension

I live...AGAIN said...

Sounds like you have some kind of hate problem Bob.

I dont see anywhere in my statement regarding TF that it was all fine and dandy. I just corrected someone who obviously had no idea what he was talking about.

Also, how come I don't deserve to rightfully bash postmortem but you and others feel you can bash whatever you want? Your double standards are silly....

Bob said...

You’re presumably 'bashing' the postmortem because you assume all anonymous posters and what not officially come from there, i seriously doubt every member registered there cares about this project. You're letting your delusional mind take over because you feel it's better to blame one source for attacking. Not everyone here is a major blood fan, try and at least realise this.

I happen to know you have a broken relationship with the postmortem from the past, a little collision on liths forum, so it's clear you still hold a grudge you can't get over.

You may not have directly said Transfusion is well, but you implied it by suggesting there'll be some sign of future development, which is doubtful, projects come and go.

Anonymous said...

I Live... Again:

This is not a place to bash some forum. But it is a place to comment on this project. Are you really that ignorant? Check the internet for information on the creator and the project's history.

The Heretic said...

Wow, you know what sounds like this Bob character, whoever it may't get over the past. He can't get over your past, he can't get over my past, he can't get over anything. Let him swim in his sea of obsession over this project. It's like he's almost priding himself on knowing every little fucking fact on the earth.

That's what it sounds like to me. And yeah, everyone here mostly came from Postmortem, because the second the thread was locked was the second they all started flooding in. I doubt that Bob is from Doomworld, otherwise there would've been problems there. It sounds like to me no one from Doomworld cares much anymore. NewDoom doesn't care anymore, EDGE's community sure as fuck doesn't care.

Most positive anonymous posters came from Doomworld. Doesn't that say something?

So Bob, just chill the fuck out and let us make our game. Don't you have anything else better to do than troll?

The Heretic said...

I mean, first it was the story, it was the design and direction of the game.

Now it's my past. They are clearly running out of things to bash us with and they are finding out really quick that nobody gives a shit.

I live...AGAIN said...

Ok I am confused.

Read this entire blog carefully.

When did I ever suggest there will be some sign of future development in TF?

Bob said...

Not really, do you honestly think i'd drag any shit from one source to another? I'm not one to complain everywhere i go about one particular project, this is no exception, thief.

You may have your doubts, but i couldn't care, because you're just as delusional as I Live...Again.


Yeah, sure Clari, or whatever the fuck your name is. I'm entitled to state whatever my opinions are, and so are you, but christ, try and spread your sources of attack out will ya? Have pride some Doomworld members disagree with this whole idea of yours.

Clearly you DO give a shit about this though, otherwise you wouldn't be here, you would have ignored this fucking ages ago, and actually got on with it.

I Live...Again, i said you implied the suggestion, not directly said it.

The Heretic said...

I did get on with the game. ModDB?

Anonymous said...

We are not bashing you Heretic or Clarissa or whoever you may be. But we are aware of your history of stealing and butchering and the bad ideas that you can come up with. This speaks of low character, and for some reason you don't want the truth to be revealed.

Learn from your mistakes!

The Heretic said...

Okay, fair enough: I'll put a link directly to Fusion on the main page and explain it a little.

The thing with that project was that it was received well, but not well enough because the ideas still weren't coherent. Hypertension has a clear focus, and anyone who doesn't like the game right now or doesn't see the work we're all putting into it, is clearly not paying attention.

I have no beef with any poster here, I just want them to realize that we're not going to stop work on this. I think it looks great - it plays great, and the people who've tested it, or just simply keep up with progress, seem to really like it. If you don't, you're free to express yourself, just not here. This is a place to discuss Hypertension, not my past, present, future, or any personal vendetta that you may have with me.

Bob said...

Yeah, you 'did' get on with it, are you now? No.

You're standing by to argue against critisism which won't stop darlin. Every project, no matter what it is, will always recieve critisism, but you're proving it's to strong for you to focus properly. This only shows you're an amateur at best.

The Heretic said...

Actually, I'm at work right now IRL. Not much I can do to work on the game at the moment.

Did you guys see the new update on ModDB (live-action Gideon)? What do you guys think of it?

Bob said...

Fine fair enough, but my statement against criticism stands. Unless you learn to deal with it upcoming, you'll only drown in your own aggression (or whatever emotion you feel).

I'll leave you to it now, as it's just become boring. Hopefully you won't see me again.

So long, it's been swell.