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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This project isn't discontinued. For whatever reason it was pulled from ModDB, no doubt from influence of very specific people. For those of you who are looking for gameplay shots without digging through this blog, you can find them here. I have contacted ModDB to attempt to find a reason why it was taken down, but just because that was deleted, doesn't mean we're going to stop working on it.

In all seriousness (that image should lighten things up, it did for me)...

I want to thank the Doom community in their help and support, once again, through all of this E-Drama with some of the Postmortem members. Since those members feel the need to constantly bash on my past, it's nice to see that Doomworld accepted my apologies towards whatever I did in those days - even if they didn't say it, and it sure enough shows everyone that after how many years this game has been released, that we stick together (for the most part). If anyone from Doomworld reads this, it wasn't my intention, AT ALL, to get the trolls involved. The reason why I'm not posting this in that thread is because, like DW said, "Don't bring the drama from other webrings into their forum". So I can at least express my opinions here, like I've always done. The trolls can bash this rather than bash my thread, which I thank is still alive.

I want to get it known that not all of the Blood community is bad -- but once they start ripping on a gender change like it's some sort of a joke, and put some highly personal and humorous vendetta not all of the Blood community cares to even endorse, and all of this stuff in a bigger and more public community then DW is perfectly right: it's a very bad reflection on the entire Blood community as a whole. There are a very miniscule amount of notable people from Postmortem, and all of Transfusion's boards, that have been very mature and actually supportive of the project, and if not, who raise more valid points than "this is rape against Blood, or since we can't shut the project down we'll go to a legal standpoint and ignore the storyline which we were bashing (raping) in the first place alltogether".

My dissapointment stems from these particular members who don't follow suit.

ANYWAYS...enough E-damn-Drama. The texture pack was uploaded to DropBox and the level designers were notified. I started work on the Gargoyle and Stone Gargoyle's code yesterday, and so far, I've almost replicated their behavior in EDGE perfectly - when they set down they even enter into their stone states if left idle. Hopefully we'll have more screenshots to show as the real work gets completed now - and even some classic Blood monsters/sprites completely redone originally using CY and other sorts of figurines, courtesy of Tragos (they weren't cheap, kiddies).


boomst1k said...

thats right - we stick together. Fuck you guys hypertrolls (lol), i can't wait for the beta! release it now!!!! -boomst1k

Anonymous said...

I was just at that site and I can't believe they mocked you for being TS. Doomworld was right in their decision to Post Hell/Loser them. When people can't find any other excuse they turn it into a personal issue. I'm proud of Doomworld for doing what they did.