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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Just letting you all know that Hypertension currently doesn't run in Windows 7 because of Nvidia/ATI's preview drivers. They left OpenGL out because there were some problems, apparently. Also, it seems some people are still able to get OpenGL stuff to run if they downgrade to Vista drivers. I am unable to downgrade because Microsoft released an updated preview WDDM driver for 7 that just doesn't work either. The people who have gotten it to work report severe screen flicker.

I currently have no way of rolling back now so I'm stuck without EDGE until ATI hurries up and releases a OpenGL driver that works.

There is one alternative, though. I can take all of the new content I've worked on and import it over to the XP machine but none of the apps will follow, so there's not much I can do.

The only work going on right now is by everyone else at the moment. I have to halt everything until I can actually run this game.

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Anonymous said...

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I would never buy from China, but another good example what you can do with Dragon, or CY bodies. I have some parts coming, I'll keep you posted! Sorry about your bad luck with Win7. I would have never gave up on your XP machine.... Old reliable..... LOL