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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I promised you...

New Media, didn't I? Turns out I decided to create a little script that has Windows 7 send any instance of a modified REU file to the XP laptop - and create backups. In doing so, I was able to send all of the work over. Now I can work on this machine, send it over, and test it there. It makes error hunting even better because now I have two machines to track it down -- the XP to tell me, and the 7 to eradicate it. My own team have also, so far, proven reliable bug-hunters. =)

These are some interesting shots. This effect was done along the same lines in Don's Challenge, except now they run out a lot quicker and have disloyal AI - the dog is the only thing that can frighten them and they will glow a certain color and temporarily turn on you (if the dog decides to attempt an attack). Using a special mirror you can instantly excorcise them if they get out of hand. I modified their AI to allow them to pass through walls - but sectors marked in RTS as "unfriendly" to them will not allow them to enter. A lot of the cultists are religious fanatics and, as such, have blocks for the ghosts. I want to, in the future, enable the cultists to use an alternate weapon to dispell the spirits, making the game a little more even. Hopefully I can squeeze that in somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

holy crap I want the play this! The detail looks amazing, maybe you don't need me after all? :)