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Monday, March 2, 2009

Site update

Keep a look out for the new TDGMods site, in development right now. It's using a CMS and should be adequate enough to replace this website. It will be content-rich and should attract even more people to the project.

While I'm here, if you're interested, please check this link out. In it, I explain the reasons we're working on this wonderful game and why it shouldn't be counted out because it uses a slightly outdated framework.

And yes, we are in prelim work on a PSP version. This version will be more faithful to the PC release as it's using the 1.31 version of the engine (in comparison, the Dreamcast is using a 1.29 fork). I wasn't going to reveal it now but I felt it was necessary to explain in the post itself.

Sleep now. Work early tomorrow. =/

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