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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rain acting...out of place...

So, if you look close can see the rain. Why the other rain drops aren't appearing is a complete mystery.

I'm working hard to fix it at this very moment, and I'm also working on importing the Tree/Leave/Debris system from Hexen into Hypertension. Probably won't get it finished tonight...but you never know.


The effect is done. =)


zZaRDoZz said...

Can't quite see the rain but I'm guessing it's due to lack of motion? (hint: movie) If you get Hexen's falling leaves to work please post it. It's a 2d favorite of mine.

Corbin said...

Of course I will. I'm *ACE* at Edge programming. ;)

Don't worry, it might take me awhile but I'll have it in place for sure.