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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, I'm officially announcing my (hopefully not) limited contributions to Blood 2 Resurrection. My decision to support the development of this title is due to the fact that I feel I'm doing what Kurt is doing for Blood 2. I've always been a strong supporter of the second game and I feel my team can help him in specific areas, those being textures and (hopefully) models. My guys are working right now to deliver samples of work to him to see what could be used.

I've chosen to not get directly involved with development since my ongoing battle with Hypertension is taking up way too much time, and as Kurt noted, too much balancing between both projects will eventually cause dissolution. But I'm hoping some members of my team can help him in areas considered vital to the continued operation of Blood 2 Resurrection.

This shouldn't conflict with development from Hypertension. The only thing troubling it right now is my limited attention span. =)

In reference to the shots below, what did you readers think of those engine updates?


zZaRDoZz said...

Love the idea of increased blood spats and what not. v_weap models inside a 2d game are a different issue. All that alpha blending of textures makes the solid, sharp looking model clash with the somewhat blurred sprites. There was a duke nukem mod that used pics of b2 weapons for sprites- that worked well. The transfusion pitchfork model looks really good btw.

Save the 3d abilities for geometry and world objects.

As for Resurrection, I had hoped something like this would happen :D.
Hypertension needs to have a finished enjoyable project under it's belt though. No more half completed mods if you want to preserve team structure. *wags finger*


p.s. Where's ma' movie?!?!

Corbin said...

Haha, technically, you mean MD2.

I assure you that the cinematography will be improved in such a way that the models and sprites go well together - right now you are viewing screenshots with too much brightness, as opposed to the very dark atmosphere the first screens had. When things get darker they blend better. You can easily see this in the model-heavy screenshots that I released earlier. Right now I'm playing with mipmapping on, which causes blur at the expense of smoothness.

If you're worried about too many models...the Dreamcast version doesn't have any, so things automatically look a bit more...cannon. =)

When I decide to make a movie out of it, you'll be able to tell that they blend together much better in motion vs still shots.

If you read my post you'd be able to tell that I'm not directly getting involved with Resurrection, but my team members will. I can take up the slack for awhile. ^^

zZaRDoZz said...

Please take that finger wagging with a smile and a wink.

I had a really bad experience with Jheretic in which modeled gargoyles smoothly ran through 30 frames a second while blurred monsters were stuck with their 3 frames per movement restriction.

It marked me for life.

Your earlier pics with models do indeed look good.

btw, is there a way to up the number of sprite frames shown per sec with edge? or any doom modification?
I got your email. It will take time and research to give you a proper response.


Corbin said...

EDGE can allow infinite sprite rotations and infinite sprites-per-second. You can also do similar work with the model frames, where EDGE can take control of when to display the model frames. You can even display sprite frames in between, or whatever. EDGE is pretty powerful like that.

Before model support was implemented in EDGE, people would have weapon mods, and take so many high-res sprites that they looked and felt like models, because they took close to 60 sprite shots. EDGE can take whatever number of sprites and do that.

JenaPlissken said...

Just awesome! You and the guys are doing a great work,Clari.
Why don't you upload the moddb page too? I think is has much more viewers than the blog...
Goodbye !