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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life Support...already though?

Yep. Help is running thin and we are seriously overworked.

I am now considering this project on life support because without a talented level designer, we're history. That's it -- no more, game over. The only thing we can continue to keep doing is programming and programming...well all that code and beautiful effects, textures, and models won't mean anything if there's no levels.

There's only so much I can import from the original Blood, which is why we need new talent. Seriously need new talent. Look for a post below detailing the need for mappers. If you're ever thought about a game taking you somewhere, now is the time to do so.

I don't want this project to fail anymore than you guys. We've mirrored a similar update on Mod Database as well. Do what's right. Help us out. Money is also involved if you need to be paid for serious work.
Thank you all, and hopefully we can continue through this exciting and difficult new year.


zZaRDoZz said...

I'm sorry to here things have become so tough. If the new volunteer works out please let us know.

Btw... not having a mapper isn't the end of a project- it's the coder who's irreplaceable.

Anonymous said...

Hey, its Tragos. :)

I'd like to contribute something to your project. First give me some idea's on what you would like to have! Whether its a new sprite, or simply a new texture? I'm just getting back into mapping, what kind of ambience are you looking for? Just help point me in the right direction so that I may best focus my creativity.