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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well, someone up there answered our cries - we now have several people who are interested in the project. So things will be becoming mega amazing as this game comes to real fruition.
A list of people who are working on Hypertension (TDGmods), and this does not count the TDGMedia team (who are doing the live-action footage):

Corbin (me) - Lead Designer (Everything)
Vis - Assistant Coder
Gael Romanet - Lead Texture Artist
Pineapple - Mapper
Tyler Bezea - Mapper
Boyd - Mapper, QA
Joppu - Miscellaneous
Brendan Doe - Lead Graphic Artist

And we hope to expand the list, as some people are currently too busy to do much with the game (but will eventually pick up as work progresses). We have a few other people who are possibly interested...(nudges Tragos) =)

And, without further ado, I'm announcing Hypertension 2: Source, which will run as the sequel to this game. This does not mean we are working on it, because we're not. This has almost been given next to zero thought but it was agreed that it'd be our next project. Don't expect to see anything from this for a very long time.

So enjoy the updates, keep yourself posted on ModDB as that's where the heart of the action is at. Thank you all for your amazing support, I really hope you all stick with us to the very end.


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