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Thursday, December 18, 2008

It Has Begun!

It's Official - Graphic Novel production has started! The media team gathered today to run over preliminary designs as equipment was inventoried. The Graphic Novel portion of the game, being worked on by TDGMedia, will not be revealed until close to the game's release, to maximize surprise! =)

Development is going great - the voodoo doll is nearly completed as well as secondary functions, such as mana usage. The game's weather effects are nearly complete - including rain, fog, and ash. It looks pretty killer in the game ;)

I'm due for another major update in the next two weeks - stay tuned, and have a very safe Christmas and New Years! ^^


zZaRDoZz said...

I haven't forgotten Hypertension Corbin. I'm just waiting for some video. Also I consider your work an a much needed, non-canonical, expansion of the blood universe.

Is the cuddly look of the dog part of Hypertension's anime gestalt or is that just a place holder? The dog, like the main female character, is undead correct?

I'm not trying to be insensitive to Clari87's recent loss if the dog is meant as a tribute.

zZaRDoZz said...

Oh, btw, love the cover art for the graphic novel. Funeral Parlor is now my favorite unholy voices remix.

Is there anyway to submit an interview questionnaire to one of the team members?

Corbin said...

It was originally a placeholder (the Dog, to test Boom/MBF code in EDGE) but I think it will stay in the game. The Anime part of the game will have a very different look that will end up using lots of blues and greys - as soon as we have a lock on the art style I'll post some stuff up. Sheik was designed as a tribute, but the idea stuck around to have the dog play a major role in the story. I'm thinking about using a 3d Model for him but it just looks kinda odd due to the way his AI operates.

You can submit interviews, questions, anything of the sort to If that doesn't go through you can send one to and I'll forward it to the rest of the team.

As for the canonical part, it was never meant to be considered an official part of the official series, but an official part of our series of Blood games. What we've done is taken the universe and changed things around to suite some new ideas. So even though we're re-designing Blood, it isn't called Blood. Think of it as an alternate universe, almost.

Corbin said...

Also, thanks for the kind comments =) It really helps us out.

The musical style is reminiscent of Blood II's in most of the soundtrack, because I loved the way it sounded with the voice. So all of the redesigned Blood tracks will be redone to sound more like Blood II.

A teaser/trailer will come out in January, followed by (hopefully) an Alpha release of our game.