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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Curves never looked so good

Messing around with the slopes. Check them out!

What this means is that they aren't "True" slopes, but rather "detail" slopes. This means they still act like stairs as far as player physics are concerned, but everything else treats them as real slopes. I'm glad I got this feature working because everything smooths out way better.

Still working on the trailer, I think I have enough to put together a cool one with gameplay footage. Up next to work on is the Tommy Gun and the Semi-Automatic Tommy Gun (upgradeable in-game).


zZaRDoZz said...

Looks great! keep up the good work!

JenaPlissken said...

I'm silently following the development of this mod.It looks very promising.Don't let it die! :)

Corbin said...

=) Thank you thank you! I'm so glad you guys are interested and it drives me to do a better job with the game! :*)

I would really really like to hear your suggestions and what you guys think you wanted to see in the original game but never did! =)