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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It's almost been one month since I officially started work on this project. For a month I sure did a lot of work. To commemorate I'm going to try and have a preview out on the 24th, but take this with a grain of salt. I just got Joppu back to do some mapping, and we have a base set of textures to work with and the models are still being pulled from Transfusion (yes, under license). I'm still coding in enemies and weapons. The most recent weapon to be coded is the Boomstick, but the graphic timings are off so I need to mess with it. I'm trying to think of a way of calling a command in RTS that will warn you of Sheik's low health, but I'll probably have something called in his THING states that plays a BOSSMAN sound when he takes a lot of damage. Or I'll add a state that he drips blood or something like that. I'll think of something.

Messing with PNG's and alpha translucensy. Turning out pretty fun. All of Blood's graphics are being converted over to PNG to avoid loss of color in the palette. It's not much of a loss, but you can tell when you convert Blood's stock graphics to Doom's stock palette. Zblood was a great example of this and I'm tying to avoid it. Now the alphas on all of those images is a bitch...I tell

I am heavily debating taking all of Blood's textures and handing them to my texture artist to rework. I'm trying to use my own texturepack instead of Blood's but sometimes the world feels so much different...and sometimes it doesn't. I'll have a talk with Joppu and see what needs to be done.

I have some cool on-screen effects when you take damage from the Axe Zombie using some LUA code I modified from Dartmerc, so kudos to him. I also implemented weather effects (rain, falling ash) and it definitly enhances the ambience, big time. The bad thing is that viewing that level in an editor is absolute hell with Things mode on (hehe).

Back to work, as always. Always looking for help too btw! =)

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