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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

EDGE officially died!

Well, it was coming eventually. EDGE has no more road-map, it doesn't have anything. The port is dead.

This won't affect Hypertension development though. I was talking with several people and I might actually have some talent behind me to develop EDGE further but just for Hypertension. I'll do whatever it takes to get development going again, but I know Andy is toast.

Aside from Joppu mapping I finally have Pineapple officially mapping for the project but he just started learning how to do it. The rest of the people contributing are doing it at an even pace.

I finally feel I have enough of the design down for the beginning of the game that I can now focus my attention on getting a demo version out before the end of the year. Filming live-action is going to start in mid-November, and I'm playing Caleb's role. Right now we're busy scripting and doing more scripting. Dartmerc is helping me out with some more LUA effects for Aurelia's scenario and so far things are going at an even pace. I got ahold of Power Director so we should be set for some serious developing.

Bittersweet symphony. .

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