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Friday, September 12, 2008

Dog VS Dog?

Yep, I finally, finally, completed all of Sheik's code. He does exactly what I described he would do, but I have yet to put the Whistle to any use. Currently all Caleb does is whistle with a press of the button but the Dog doesn't respond to it yet. After several hours of troubleshooting I finally got him to work the way I wanted him to but the Dog converting doesn't work as of yet. It's funny to watch the dogs chase each other around sometimes.

Here's some screenies from the action. It was hard to catch him because he's fast as hell. I have to find a way to make his attacks less powerful because he rips them to shreds in a matter of seconds!! It wouldn't be fair to let your dog do all the killing now would it? ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to want to leave a comment! How tragic, alas, I'll try to comment here more often, as you're hard to get a hold of online at times. Anyhow, I suspect you're going to have to lower Sheik's damage by dividing it by the speed modifier (yes I like to state the obvious). Of course, the difficult part of that is still finding out what the modifier is, though by the way you describe it, I'd say around 2-3 times.