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Saturday, August 23, 2008

New writer

I have acquired a new writer for Hypertension, and her name is Rebecca Lima. She likes to write huge, expansive stories and I needed help recreating the storyline from Blood so she was the best choice. She will be developing Aurelia's storyline, while I will (try) to concentrate on Caleb's.

I'm also looking for some musicians who would be willing to remix a couple (not a lot) tracks from Blood and Blood II. We're going for a new sound style but it would be nice to hear some familiar tunes, wouldn't it?

Well I was messing with the skybox today and it lagged the game, bad. It didn't show up (only as a solid black sky) and for some reason was draining the game's resources. I will look into it again to see why it's not showing up. EDIT: I had most of the code commented out except for the header. It's fixed now.

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