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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aurelia's Scenario

This is the closest I could come to envisioning what Aurelia is going to look like.

Anyways, I did some more work to the game today and figured out a very interesting art style. For Caleb's scenario, it's going to be pure horror based, just like Blood. For Aurelia's, however, I'm going for a more Anime-inspired look. That means the artwork is going to be mostly anime based, and the game tone is going to be more in shades of blue and grey (since her scenario is paranormal based).

I cleaned up Caleb's pitchfork code and added in some interesting ALT attacks. I also started Aurelia's flashlight code/weapon and so far, it's working. When the flashlight hits a monster, they immediately flee. I can do this in such a way as she encounters ghosts, just have them portal into another part of the level, and they could portal back at will. Some interesting things.

I'm developing this game as a love story because I felt Blood did not address the whole Ophelia/Caleb thing very well. I know, you're thinking, "Well Blood was about killing and blood and action". Well, yeah, it's still going for that style but Caleb's going to be much more aware of his feelings for this girl, and vice versa. I have found a suitable voice actor for Caleb that sounds very much like the original (Stephen Wayte). I am still looking for Aurelia's voice actor.

Anyways, keep in touch and, if you like something or want to see something changed, don't hesitate to leave something in the Comment section!

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