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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Interesting After-Effects

Well a new version of EDGE was released, so naturally I go straight into Hyper and the engine crashes! Turns out I was missing states for the SPRAYCAN that I forgot and then about 20 more errors followed when I finished with it. I got them all dialed in. The secondary attack not only launches the spraycan out but when it explodes several shards from the can itself explode and continue to stay lit for several minutes (so you have to be careful walking over them and of the explosion itself). I'm still missing several sprites I have yet to obtain, so the can EJECTS a ton of question marks ;)

Interesting bug I found was the Flare Pistol fires at a rate so quick that you can kill high HP enemies in a matter of seconds (not counting reload time!). So I have to fix that, in the meantime I need to find out how many tics in between constantly firing the Flare gun in Blood so I can match the time.

So I changed the Dynamic Light value from QUADRATIC (old style) to MODULATE (which is what I use for Environment Lighting, like the 3d lightposts) and it turned out to completely light the entire area (they were changed and I just forgot about it). An example is when you have the lighter out. Before it would just brighten it enough (but you had to get close, realistically). Now it's like having a mini-Sun with you. I'll end up changing it later tonight and posting before/after.

I'm quite happy with the way the project is turning out. I was also able to obtain permission from the Transfusion team to use their models in my project, so all 3d models will have a disclaimer (the ones from Transfusion) in the REU(WAD) file. So far MD3 is converting over nicely to MD2 without animations, though. That's just a little out of my league (but I'm using mostly static objects anyway).

I'm starting the Axe Zombie today, again. The first write was retarded and nothing worked right (would JUMP to irrevelant frames, attacks) so I'm taking a different approach to it.

I'll keep you all updated.

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