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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Poking my brain

Hey everyone, just letting you all know that if you've had your doubts about the new Wolfenstein, go ahead and trash all of it. It's the best game I've ever played, filled with emotion, awe, inspiration, and just about every mechanic I've seen in a shooter upped by a thousand percent. Such an amazing game.

One of the first logo Posters
I also want to take the time to let everyone know that the team here at Isotope is so grateful for your donations and support in getting Hypertension out the door. It's been a long time coming, and I know the wait probably pissed off a lot of people. It's the product of a lot of love, stress, tears, sweat, betrayal...lots of different things. When I play the game sometimes I get really into it, and sometimes I get really depressed. It's the kind of game that I turn to when I need to get my emotions squared away.

So much of my life was influenced by it and I feel a lot of it passed me by while this game was in idle. Now that I'm trying to get a team together to finish it, a lot of regret and depression fill me. I wish that I had focused harder and got it out quicker, and I wish that we found a publisher sooner. We faced a lot of hardships in our lives, every developer who's worked on this project as a matter of fact. I'm not sure they even read the blog or stop by, but if it wasn't for every single one of them, this project would not be here today, getting the support of the people that believe in it.

Old screen from 2008
I admit that I often struggle with my emotional state and seem erratic at times because of it, and lots of nights I cry because Hyper just wears me down. Having to go back and swap things out is sometimes a nightmare, and having to scrap tons of work that people did with love before Isotope makes my eyes swell, also. It's the reason TDGMods is represented with the game - every developer before made up TDGMods and since we re branded into Isotope to continue the title it didn't sit quite right with me. While this is very much an Isotope game, it's also equally a TDGMods game, and all the people who worked on it in the years passed.

Pineapple in 2009 filming
I try and not get down on myself for taking so long and letting so many things interfere with the game's development, but often times I feel like a failure because life sort of...swung me in its arms and I was barely holding on to what was important to me.

This game, Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness, is vastly important to me and everyone who currently works on it. Even though the past developers - wherever they might be and however they might think of the game (and myself) have moved on, we won't hesitate in the slightest to make your contributions known.

Dozens and dozens of people will be credited when it all comes to an end, I just really hope I'm there to see its completion off. Many times I've thought about quitting the project in frustration, in sadness, in shame. These demons I fight are becoming more overwhelming, admittedly, and it's nice to be reminded of what I'm fighting for. My daughter, my game, my sanity, it all needs to come back to me when I'm in my moments of complete frustration and despair. Your support and kind words help pieces of what I've lost back in, and make me remember.

Box-Art from 2010
Regardless of what people think of me personally, how I look, how I act, who I carry myself around is absolutely not reflective of this game at all. I'm simply a person with ideas, is all. I don't like becoming the face of this operation, because it's not ONE person, it's all of us as a collective. I can't speak for everyone, but I try my best.

I'm not sure why I've chosen this place, out of all, to write about these kinds of things. Maybe because this blog has always been something special for me to pour myself into, and when I had to restructure and go quiet for so many years, all of those things became twisted and choked me.

Isotope Softworks, LLC. 
Getting back to the programming and design that I've been away from for so long is nice. SCOURGE doesn't give me the freedom like this game does, being able to do so much with it.

I just hope it meets all of your expectations when we ship it. Until next time, readers.

-Corbin A.
Lead Designer, Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness
Isotope Softworks


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