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Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Name, Better Game

As some of you might have noticed, the logo up there has changed, along with the name of our beloved game.

The new name comes from our decision to scrap any copyrighted assets that the game had at one point to excercise our creativity with a new direction.

Fear not, as the gameplay you were looking forward to in Hypertension will still be retained, with all the violence and fast-paced action only a game like SCOURGE can deliver.

Get ready for a ton of new announcements and footage in the near future as we gear up to show off SCOURGE's new look for the first time!


zouzzz said...

I prefer the new name.

Anthony817 said...

Wow, I also love the new name!

Clement said...

Any news?

Clement said...

Any news?

Anonymous said...

good fucking luck.

Benjamin said...

The new name is better. Any news of a release date, or even when I'll be able to put my pre-order down for a physical copy?

Also, glad that your getting rid of any copyrighted materials. Make your own game! :D