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Saturday, November 20, 2010

You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'. : - )

Essay time again everyone! XD Let's play whoever can point out the most grammar mistakes becomes a beta tester! Or my worst enemy, depends on my mood at the time haha.

Well, progress has been refreshing! We just uploaded the Linux distro for the beta testers and it's reported as working! So that's two major releases down, one more to go - the Sega version. Rest assured that it's behind the scenes, and it's coming.

It's been an interesting ride. Sometimes I wish I would've coordinated this game better from the beginning - the reason for the delays is because I didn't have a clear direction then on what I was doing.

This is apparent in two videos I posted showing progress from late 2008, early 2009. Albeit the game was premature then, but you can definitely see how things have progressed with another (more...interested? haha) designer and more manpower.

I have to make the choice now to start cutting things out of this that I normally wouldn't want to, because of the elongated development time. Some of them are only minor stuff, and the majority of this we are putting on hold for a second "episode", because as things are it leaves the other story arc totally in the open.

The game has been in bug squashing phases lately, and it's also helped spin a new perspective on things a bit. And it was through the testers I realized that this is a fun and interesting game, not a long, boring chore. Part of being a designer (and any designer can vouch for this) is that you become super critical of your work, regardless of what other people think of it, and 2 years of the same thing gets old after awhile. It's like a 101 right there, but I'm also maturing and noticing that regardless of what I think - other people are enjoying it. I was nervous at first when they started playing it, but it's really helped me face my own fears.

It's helped revitalize my role in the project, as I was letting all these other things cloud my involvement and passion for the material at heart. Rest assured though, we are working and we are working hard. Hype can go kill itself - the game is all we need at this point.

We were supposed to have another special go live in October/November through Diehard Gamefan (as we were a popular ticket last year), but it fell through. I'm really hoping December becomes a buzzmeter month and we can start putting out a ton of updates, opening up the beta to more people, and fixing all of our sites/forums and whatnot.

So, for the people who have been following us since 2008, or 2009...or even 2010, we thank you again, and believe it or not - Hypertension is coming!

So grab your pills, stay away from salt and pet your grandma every once in awhile - once we hit, Change is coming.



Anthony817 said...

Awesome read as always Corbin. We wouldn't be big fans if you didn't produce an awesome oldschool FPS game and coordinate an awesome team of developers!

Not only saying thanks to you, but thank you to all the countless devs that you have on your team, you all deserve it and I can't wait for the final release!

Scott said...

Great news! I can't wait to give this a run on the almighty Dreamcast! I'll DEFINITELY be ordering a copy when it is released!

Keep up the great work!