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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wanted: Website Developer

Back again guys. This time, we're looking for a site designer/programmer/maintainer.

You might remember last year or so, I was in talks with a company developing a content-rich website for us. Well, there was no way we could afford the price they eventually asked, and we had to drop the deal. If it went through, it would've been the ultimate independent developer website/hypertension infocenter.
But it was the money that we didn't have at that point in time.

Now, we're looking for website designers again. You might remember our domain going out for awhile - our main server went out and is still down. Since I registered numerous domains through Godaddy (the one being active since 2005) we are now temporarily going through their own hosting package. We no longer have a lot of luxury control over it as we did our previous server, but we have enough for a web developer to grab hold if they wanted to. We need to move away from this system as it's not strong enough to promote our products or encourage further activity in our community.

What we are asking now is that if there is anyone who is a viable website designer, either a CMS or CSS, no matter what the deal is, we are ready for it. We will have to work on a monthly payment system, as we cannot currently shell out an all-at-once deal, but it will be secure and on time. The donations we recieve to keep the site alive will all go towards the deal.

Another thing I wanted to point out - the donation system is still offline and has been for a long time. We will be working on a substitute that will channel directly into our server/program fund but it still won't be up for awhile.

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