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Monday, December 14, 2009

Team Restructure

Well, it has to happen sometime. I mentioned in the last post that we're having a sort of team downsize, as the workgrind settles in. Our team shrank in size considerably, but this overall means better communication.

The things we lost though - our main texture artist, most of our OST team, and others with smaller roles.

While not hampering development in a negative way, I think some of this stems from the new ideas we are generating forward as this game evolves. Some of the stuff we were previously working on had no room with these changes and as such, roles were dissolved or given up. It happened sort of all at once, but it's to be expected.

So, the core team members are still at work here, and others like Lysander have proven invaluable to development. While we might downsize and now appear "slower" to provide updates, rest assured they'll continue to come in, as much as we can allow.

Season's Greetings fans, and careful what that new Tommygun, you'll shoot someone's eye out!

Oh Wait...;)

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