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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's been over a month!

For our beloved trailer, we averaged out (on Youtube, not counting Diehard or other viral self-hosting web sites):

68,353 views (this climbs hourly!)
Comments: 55 Favourites: 29 Ratings: 55 Average Rating: 4.51

All in all, the trailer was a huge international success, making it everywhere from Game Informer Magazine to our beloved Doomworld. It's still hard to believe all of the success we've gotten from the press, and it's definitely pushed us way harder than we would've ever dreamed. DieHard GameFan Magazine did an incredibly amazing job handling the press, and as usual Sega Nerds/DCEmulation (special thanks: Juan)/DCJY/JSII covered it, which gathered a bunch of views too. Thanks guys!

As usual, every time I edit a trailer together, it's only a few weeks before we make something better than that. Haha, well yeah. Something better is happening, so we're going to release an exclusive gameplay video of one of the full levels of Hypertension in time for the New Year. It will give you an in-depth look at the game that will revolutionize retro titles forever.

It's quite amazing how we're featured on GameSpy/IGN/etc etc as real developers, that makes us all feel very good. While we've had a lot of trouble maintaining a solid team/publisher, things are looking good as we downsized a little bit, but still trudging along as always. I guess we're officially branded an " Independent Software Design Association". That title makes us all very proud of the work we've put into this.

In a whole, the drama is wrapping up - I've made things right everywhere and now that it's out of the picture, we can focus on finishing this title.

I want to thank the amazing people for helping us out with donations - they are going a long way.

As always, we invite you to become a part of History by partaking in our forum boards. Also - get the word spread out there! Anything helps and the farther we go, the farther we'll take you in our gameplay adventures!

Thanks for your wonderful support to TDGMods - nothing in the world means more to us.



Anthony817 said...

Woah, nice post. Although the comments on the Game Informer page were kind of rude, these younger gamers just don't know what a real good Olde simple FPS is like anymore.

Keep the updates comming and take care guys.

benjsh said...

Is it possible to port this great game to the Pandora linux game device?

zZaRDoZz said...

@ benjsh

I know next to nothing about the Pandora save for what you provided with that link. If the X32 system that Corbin is currently testing is one and the same as Pandora, then I think we can give you a highly qualified yes.

zZaRDoZz said...

Scratch the above. I just realized that x32 is a modified linux os.

It isn't the same as sega32x, which is what Corbin is testing.