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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mas Shots

So here we have even more shots. The level featured a few updates down (with the tesla cannon) improves everyday.

The screenshot to the right should be an example of how the level's come so far. Crazy that it started with a simple little box. You can see a few new models, some dynamic light action, and other little touches that's been added since then. Gives it a truly spooky feeling now, but it's still severely unfinished.

To the left you can see that our version of E1M1 is taking way different twists and turns, as there are multiple pathways now. It's not the same, kids! That leads into a crazy underground tunnel that's really pushing sectors and whatnot. It looks absolutely stunning now.

Last but not least, you can see a behind-the-scenes shot. Here we have Pineapple, concentrating on level building in DB2 in the "batcave", our workroom for Hypertension (equipped with matresses, a mini fridge, a microwave, a water machine, and storage). My dog Lily (Sheik's sister) is chillin next to him, and was asking for his attention. Damn Dog! ;) If you look really close, you can see the diagram next to Pineapple that he drew up (he draws his levels in 2d and then translates them).

Pina <3 Hawaiin Punch, btw.

1 comment:

boomst1k said...

rofl at the photoshops.

things are looking exceptional now erally good lighting and effects. weapons look topnotch more ambient than blood 2

keep it up guys!!!!