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Monday, June 1, 2009

Few more updates

I'm going to gradually add screenshots as the work continues into the night.

To the right is the main menu in Hypertension. We took Blood 2's as a template (which is why things are centered and not exactly aligned - but it makes it look cooler) and redesigned it to come up with this. I'm still split on whether I want the game (upon hitting the ESC key) to come up with the background image like in Blood 2 or just keep the menu open on screen like Blood 1.
To the left we see screenshots of the M16 from Blood 2. The Scale, Align, and Aspect are all off, but at least it's in the game, not really functioning right now (no animations). I finished up the Tesla Cannon, and you can even find the scope to complete the weapon.

Working on more weapons and I just started improving a lot of the ambient effects (fire, smoke, etc), so hopefully I'll have more shots of that. The others are working at a pretty good rate so I can't be more excited about how things are going to turn out! =)

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