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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcoming more members..

So I would like to quickly welcome Dave, our new sprite artist; Ben, our new musician/voice actor, and Tyler, our new 3d modeler. They are really good at what they do and we know they'll be invaluable to our core team.

So they're joining our already huge cast. Let's take another quick rundown:

Corbin - Project Lead
Alex Jabin - Lead Designer
Tyler Bezera - Lead LUA Programmer
Joppu - Lead Mapper
Brendan Doe - Lead Graphic Artist, Sound Engineer
Gael Romanet - Lead Texture Artist
Dave - Lead Sprite Artist
Tyler Weiss - Lead 3d Modeler
Melinda - sprite/graphic artist
Visplane Overflow - Programmer
Pineapple - Mapper
Tragos - Creature/Weapon Design, Sprite Artist
Unconscious - Mapper
Kyle Annis - Mapper
Ashley Tarrant - OST
Nick Andren - OST
Nick Perrin - OST
Ben Wachal - OST
Avenpitch - OST
Zardoz - Game Input, Beta Tester

...I think that's everyone. I hope I didn't leave anyone out of the list!

Tonight we'll be having our first ever, hopefully collective, coherent team meeting.

Just to let you all know, if you think you knew everything about Hypertension, you are wrong. The entire game will be redesigned...tonight. Get ready for it.


I Live...AGAIN said...

OK Corbin, your team is big enough now. Could you help finish DNF when your done with HT? :D

Corbin said...

I know, it's quite a team. I think we have all the members - just a few more mappers and we'll be set. =)

Nick Perrin said...

Haha I love how many people are labeled under "OST." When you need a track or two let me know ;) My latest orchestral workings have been better than ever. For the record, that team overall is massive.

Best of luck to you guys! And BTW I've stayed true to what I said on MSN, I'm back in the MoUAC game, in fact I was surprised just how much fun I had getting back to work on it. It's like I never stopped...

Oh and if you have that logo please do send it over sometime XD

Tyler said...

That was an awesome meeting! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like i missed the meeting. I've been terribly busy! Glad to see I'm still on the roster. I should have something to show off one day.... lol

Everything with AvM is coasting along. I havent had time to do much cept work on the website. Meanwhile, all these aliens figures keep staring at me! They'l be happy once their sprites... :) See ya!


Corbin said...

It's okay Tragos, it was partly my fault. I'll set a date in the near future that I'll make sure, ahead of time, that we can all attend at once. =)