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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i'm so exhausted. I worked 7 hours on stupid RTS scripting for the first level after I got off of 7 regular hour workshift (and a 4 and a half hour at Sprint). Jesus Christ. The rts stuff pissed me off so much. then i took an hour and encoded a new video.

Well anyway just wanted to say that. Yay, 10 in the morning at the DMV. better get the sleep I can get right now. Also, I can code in Decorate now. It wasn't that hard to learn. C++ is much harder for me to swallow.

I'll post some progress shots tomorrow. Things are looking good, alpha soon!


zZaRDoZz said...

Keep up the good work!

The DMV never had a chance!

Corbin said...

Hahahahaha...they did. I never went!!

I'm drunk as hell right now...I doubt I'll wake up for it later today. Soon though I'll have to take it seriously and just go! =)