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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pre-Teaser footage

We now have a pre-teaser of alpha footage available on the internet. In order to view this footage, send us an email of request, and we'll shoot you through appropriately.

You can only see it if we allow you to (i.e. people we already know or are cool with). Since there has been much hostility towards the project, I regret to have to resort to this. Once we get things in a less chaotic state, then we'll go about releasing a formal (public) teaser and alpha to go with it. It's still a ways off from alpha and we don't plan on making a formal teaser until we get our coding issues sorted out, but you can check out what we've put together so far.

This is limited to only 10 people - first come, first served. Make sure to let us know here. Things not allowed: distribution outside of our terms, hosting of the file on other sites not approved by us, or unauthorized downloading of the file and/or sharing.

The game is in a severely unfinished form and the video contains a large amount of bugs, most notably in the sound code. There are still missing graphics, bugs with the weapons, enemies, physics, and models. So it's not in a totally presentable state but I did my best to avoid recording the demo with that stuff edited out. We feel that if we have something semi-proper to show the Blood/Doom/DC communities that it'll change a lot of those negative feelings towards the project.

Just let us know!

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