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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random 3

Haha, so I'll mix a random image with a full blog post...but I'll edit in the actual post later. So after viewing this shot, keep checking back for more news. Well you'll see the Cultist's death frame...if you look close enough, it's the straight PNG from Blood, not paletted. I would've taken a better shot but right now his resize rate in Hypertension is wrong (Scale of 0.24, when it should be bigger) so he looks far too small. At least his animation is all working and everything, have to fix the timing on his frame states but other than that, he's finally in the mix. Now the project is truly starting to take on a very Blood-like essence.

I'm currently playing through Zblood again to get everything positioned correctly in the right maps, and working on a few other maps and their scripting. Also working on a weapon...should have something for you guys tonight! Hopefully!! lol..

Just another mark off the TODO list before the alpha hits!

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