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Friday, April 24, 2009

Are you a Blood master?

We're looking for someone who's adept at Blood modding - or decompiling - or lore. Enough to supply us with the appropriate information we need to get things accurate.

Accuracy is the other highest point in development right now for us - getting the things that are needed to mirror the original Blood, well, mirrored. I do not own the necessary materials needed to decompile Blood, nor do I have appropriate software to run Blood. I have only real memory to go by or other DOOM mods that have gotten it close enough to the real thing.

So, what we're really asking for is a consultant, someone that can test the required parts of the software to ensure Blood-type compatibility. Someone who owns and has the sufficient knowledge of Blood itself is preferable.

Shoot us an email here.


Anonymous said...

Would you like a copy of Blood? Just message me later. Like this figure BTW. -Tragos

zZaRDoZz said...

*cough* *cough* *sneeze*

Ahhh.... *gulp* sure!

Send me an e-mail and we'll arrange something!


Corbin said...

Thanks Tragos, but I have Blood. I just can't run it in Windows 7.

lol Zardoz! Awesome. You know how to look at Game Code right? I sentcha an email! =)