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Monday, April 27, 2009

How we stack up to so far,

In Order: Blood (winblood), Zblood, and Hypertension.

Something just for fun. Anonymous gave me the idea just to see how we stack up against the other two.


Corbin said...

Wow, allow me to type some shiz into this comment box.

Haha...I just read a comment at Postmortem that someone thought the HEARTBEAT METER at the bottom of the screen was a fucking sound gauge, like SoF had. Did I not explain it thoroughly enough when I made that post? I bet if everyone over there sat down and played Hypertension they'd be like, "Wow, what the hell was all the fuss about, this is actually pretty good!" Unfortunately, the naypeeps worry more about my gender, about my nonexistent legal problems, about their headaches with the game, and my sexual desires. I'm thinking about starting a new thread up again over there soon. Thinking..

Seriously. This is why I get so upset because people do nothing but assume (or fabricate, like our good friend whom we all love). Like, even if I had the nerve to put something as ridiculous as that into Blood (when that happens, slit my throat), how the hell would I program that in?

Anonymous said...

What is "winblood"?

Corbin said...

It was an attempt to convert the data to the straight Jonof engine (the Duke3d executable), which failed. Every release is almost unplayable. But at least I could take some screenshots of Blood itself.

Anonymous said...

I love how he has fans of his game and he doesn't take the time to answer their questions! Almost scolding them for even asking, what an asshole. Then he turns around and blames his lack of creativity all on you guys.

He sounds like he's losing touch of reality, or he's using it as an excuse to not work. Years ago Kurt was really a likeable person, now he's just getting lost in his depressive and cynical nature.

I will admit I thought it was a little weird that the leader of this team is TG, as well as another team member, but Kurt's behavior just blows it away. Making his fans feel bad and forcing them to turn against this game just for asking questions is just beyond me. I think he thinks he's the big bad ant on the hill here and he can say what he wants, and everyone shall listen.

It's amazing their community hasn't given him anything for acting like that. I'm curious to see what they all think of his bizarre behavior.

Corbin said...

Yeah, random! lol it's fine...I know it's a bit weird that we are the way we are but it also does good in raising awareness at any rate.

Yeah Kurtis is a bum. And obviously he's into mail order brides. We got that down pretty well. =)

I like how he said that we're fumbling around in total darkness. It's true - Hypertension is a pretty dark game. The lighter that Caleb has comes in handy in a lot of parts of the game, to be honest. Someone asked me about that the other day, why everything suddenly got lighter when it used to be darker. Truth is that I don't even know. I'll try and darken it a little more and see the results.

zZaRDoZz said...

zZaRDoZz posts....again!

Looking good Clari87!

Some of those shots are perfect, don't freak about having to abandon hi rez textures. Only use what works.

Corbin said...

Awwww...poor little spammer. What you guys just missed was a hilarious attempt at attacking me instead of the game - seems they are running out of legit ideas! =)