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Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, our official wiki is being revamped as well as the Drupal site (which you've already heard) to be more HYPERTENSION-based (Blood Wiki is a great system, but we're limited to only really one page, where we can expand the universe out through our own wiki).

We're also taking all existing work on Hypertension 2 and scrapping id Tech in favor of CubicVR, in which we can also import the existing id Tech 4 work over in form of BSP maps and textures. For Hypertension 2 I'll be listing the help of probably most of the core team rather than TDGMods for the programming/engine work. This way, an engine native on Dreamcast, PC, PSP, and the iPhone can really expand our game out there. H2, as it's called now, will be powered by this engine. We can also take some existing work from our other projects using id Tech 3 and Quake 2 to really get a jump start. I'm in the process of separating the team just for this installment, while the rest of us can continue untethered with Hypertension. Don't expect too much out of H2, because our main focus is still Hypertension 1. And, as always, we have our own Splatter Engine but we'll keep a little quieter about when and where that's going to arrive.

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Charles J. Cliffe said...

Glad to see someone thinking of making a go with our engine -- the trunk is in an experimental state at the moment (very good things coming including deferred shading & a cross-platform modelling and scene management tool) but the 'current' branch is usable and we're working hard to get a stable release out in the near future -- any insight or comments you can provide would be welcomed. Drop me a line on twitter @ccliffe or through the site or forum.