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Thursday, April 16, 2009

And so, (yes, progress updates finally)

Work continues steadily. People were desperately smart in trying to get this thing from materializing. We've had to endure a lot as a team already and sometimes stress begins to pour into a project. We've done our best to extract this crap from the project and now we're back on track.

If you'll notice, a new track has been uploaded to the music player - it remixes a song from Blood II if you listen. It's a short track - a preview, I should say. Don't want to give too much away.

So this project continues. Along with the few other Blood projects out there. We will always keep our heads up, no matter what. The HUD is almost finished so we need to do some tweaking here and there and we'll have a demo out. A one level, playable demo that shows off some of the cool features of the game (as well as some graphic-novel stuff), but it won't be out for Dreamcast. The release after that will be for DC, as I haven't had time to go back and recode the recent stuff. A new monster addition, the DarkHound, has been added (sprited by Eriance). I coded the creature to be more vicious than the regular Cerberus, and it's skin protected by the Fire element. Aurelia is the only one in the game that can convert this monster back into its original form by use of a spell. Otherwise, this create can group together a large amount of regular Cerberus', whereas the Cerberus dogs otherwise travel alone. Here you can see Sheik running after a DarkHound with a cerberus in the background (bad collision detection on those stairs?). Guess I'm going to have to call Animal Control. . . Also, decided to upload our WIP HUD that we're doing. To the right you will see it. Obviously it's non-functional right now but that's a pretty good idea on how things are going to look. We'll be working on 4 different HUDS, each a different style (including Classic and Chosen) so you won't be stuck with just one if you don't like it - however, the one you see to the right will be the default one.

Also, finally, ordered Caleb's trench coat - it was steep. Our costume designer couldn't replicate a good coat so we went ahead and ordered one based on group feedback. We liked this one the most, and we'll continue modifying it once it comes in (we have a large patch ready to put on the back of it of the Bloody hand print). I would never be caught dead wearing it in public, so we don't know what we're going to do when filming completes.

My depression bout is over, finally. There are people who won't agree with our project, people who won't say it's worthy of a Blood title - but we know better. We have always known, and we will be happy to show you all. It will be another week or two before the site is open so keep checking back!

Anonymous comments have been opened back up, just keep it free of spam and trolling - those are the only rules.


zZaRDoZz said...

Good to see you back in fighting trim Hypertension! The alpha release is finally coming to pass and hopefully will get to see once and for all what the fuss is about!

There's just something so relaxing about impaling things with a pitchfork!XD


"Otherwise, this creat(ur)e can group together a large amount of regular Cerberus', whereas the Cerberus dogs otherwise travel alone."

I don't know if you've just given away an enemy change but in regular blood Cerberus refers only to the 2 headed boss -no plurals. Hell hounds aren't called Cerberus's to my admittedly limited knowledge.

*dawns nomex jammie's*

*waits for the flaming to begin*

Corbin said...

I didn't even bother looking it up - it really doesn't matter anyway. The code was started a long time ago for another project of mine under "Cerberus", and I never revised it. That two-headed dog goes under a different name in Hypertension anyway.

Haha, just a matter of pounding away at this alpha the best we can now.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Corbin! -Tragos