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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cleaning things up. . .

Expect at least one more follow-up post tonight. I'm working like mad! I haven't had the urge to do so much at once but I'm getting it done, and then there's the weapons and all that shazz. Right now things look kinda off - a lot was lost in the conversion to MD2 including the units it maintained for rotation, so it takes a lot of testing to make sure the models are aligned correctly (even contrary to what it says in the map editor). So things are looking good, yes?

Last but not least, Hyperclubbin', by Nick Andren (Rizimar) has been uploaded. It's a sick track that'll be used as the dynamic action layer for our nightclub level. Doesn't it sound so 80's and badass? =) Comments are welcome on the musical pieces as well!


Anonymous said...

It's love it how your game keeps coming up in Kurt's thread -you don't even need to make a new one, he can talk about it for you! Everytime he talks about it I want to check out this blog. The game seems alright, better looking than Zblood but still has a lot of problems that will prevent this for being Blood. You guys need to focus on fine-tuning.

He's harming his whole campaign against this game by talking trash about it. Then I'm like "Oh yeah, those guys".

Oh well, good publicity for you guys at any rate.

boomst1k said...

dude the new club track sounds so badass! make more of them and for some reason it goes with Blood really well!

liking the updates remember don't let anyone get you guys down. every update I get more excited its looking really good now!

lawls anonymos he's such a douche

Release the alpha!!

Corbin said...

Good! At last, our game sits on his mind like a bulbous cancer. The only thing our game spawned for him is more of his whiny attitude. I wonder how many lame adjectives I can use to describe it! LOL! Too funny. Knowing him, if I do that he'll start accusing me of stealing his typing routines. :rolleyes:

Anyways, yeah, we get a lot of hits from people coming from Postmortem everyday, probably because of him talking about it. That's good though. The more the merrier!

Yeah Rizimar did an excellent job with that Hyperclubbin' track. Glad you are liking it so far boomstick. @ Anonymous: That's what I've been doing is fine-tuning, hopefully Zardoz can supply me with the information I need to get timing down right.

I did a image comparison of Blood, Zblood, and Hypertension, and man you can really notice the difference. It's like playing Blackthorne on SNES then playing it on the 32X. Huge difference =)

Corbin said...

You wanna post a name there, Anonymous? It seems that nobody gives a shit about your argument these days - Doomworld didn't, and we certainly don't.

Fusion was more of an experiment for me than anything - it's history, and what I'm doing for this project is more than rip and code, dude. No more mishmash for me.